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Two-byte tokens beginning with the byte 0xBB are miscellaneous tokens, used for various commands that didn't fit in the one-byte range. With later OS versions, various symbols were also added to the 0xBB tokens.

The two tables on this page are split by calculator type, which means that (among other things) the tokens in the second table can't be sent to a TI-83 calculator from a TI-83+ calculator. Further version differences: tokens CF through DA are available with OS 1.15 or higher. Tokens DB through F5 are available with OS 1.16 or higher.

!! Miscellaneous 2-Byte Tokens (0x00 - 0x67)
!! 0 !! 1 !! 2 !! 3 !! 4 !! 5 !! 6
0 Npv( Normalcdf( tvm_Pmt ►Polar χ²-Test( ExprOn unused
1 Irr( InvNorm( tvm_I% e ZInterval ExprOff unused
2 Bal( Tcdf( tvm_PV SinReg 2_SampZInt( ClrAllLists unused
3 Σprn( χ²cdf( tvm_N Logistic 1_PropZInt( GetCalc( unused
4 ΣInt( Fcdf( tvm_FV LinRegTTest 2_PropZInt( DelVar G_T
5 ►Nom( Binompdf( Conj( ShadeNorm( GraphStyle( Equ►String( ZoomFit
6 ►Eff( Binomcdf( real( Shade_T( 2_SampTTest String►Equ( DiagnosticOn
7 Dbd( Poissonpdf( Imag( Shadeχ² 2_SampFTest Clear_Entries DiagnosticOff
8 Lcm( Poissoncdf( Angle( ShadeF( TInterval Select( (next table)
9 Gcd( Geometpdf( CumSum( Matr►list( 2_SampTInt ANOVA( (next table)
A RandInt( Geometcdf( Expr( List►matr( SetUpEditor ModBoxplot (next table)
B RandBin( Normalpdf( Length( Z_Test( Pmt_End NormProbPlot (next table)
C Sub( Tpdf( ΔList( T_Test Pmt_Bgn unused (next table)
D StdDev( χ²pdf( Ref( 2_SampZTest( Real unused (next table)
E Variance( Fpdf( Rref( 1_PropZTest( re^θi unused (next table)
F InString( RandNorm( ►Rect 2_PropZTest( A+bi unused (next table)
!! Miscellaneous 2-Byte Tokens (0x68 - 0xF5)
!! 6 !! 7 !! 8 !! 9 !! A !! B !! C !! D !! E !! F
0 (prev. table) Â Î Û β a p reserved ,,0,, x
1 (prev. table) Ä Ï Ü γ b q @ ,,1,,
2 (prev. table) á í ú Δ c r # ,,2,, EFh LUpBlk.gif
3 (prev. table) à ì ù δ d s $ ,,3,, F0h LDnBlk.gif
4 (prev. table) â î û ε e t & ,,4,,
5 (prev. table) ä ï ü λ f u ` ,,5,, 7Fh LinvEQ.gif
6 (prev. table) É Ó Ç μ g v ; ,,6,,
7 (prev. table) È Ò ç π h w \ ,,7,,
8 Archive Ê Ô Ñ ρ i x ,,8,,
9 UnArchive Ë Ö ñ Σ j y _ ,,9,,
A Asm( é ó ´ unused k z % ,,10,,
B AsmComp( è ò ` φ unused σ ...
C AsmPrgm ê ô ¨ Ω l τ
D compiled asm ë ö ¿ <math>\hat{p}</math> m Í ß
E Á unused Ú ¡ χ n GarbageCollect x
F À Ì Ù α F o ~ ,,T,, unused