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Some miscellaneous information that may be handy when programming.

Buffer Tables

Compiled table of code that will make creating buffer tables easier. For both GetKey and GetCSC.

Character Maps

The ASCII character layout for TI calculators.


Steps you can take to help you recover from a calculator crashing.


List of directives used by assemblers.

Some miscellaneous information that be come handy when programming.


List of popular emulators for TI calculators.

Error Codes

List of codes for JError.

GetCSC Codes

Key codes for the GetCSC ROM call.

GetKey Codes

Key codes for the GetKey ROM call.


Definition of terms.


List of instructions that can be executed by a z80 processor.


List of common macros.

Opcode Reference Chart

Reference code for on-calc programming.


List of hardware ports and other useful related information.

RAM Areas

Areas in RAM that are useful for assembly programming. NEW

Scan Codes

Scan codes for direct input.

System Flags

List of system flags.