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A B_CALL generally runs a short program within the OS. While typically attributed to beginning programmers, it can still be useful in memory conservation.

Macro Code


Should be understandable. Clears the whole LCD.


B_CALL(xxxx) In case you memorized the hex code, the code is undocumented, or you are typing directly on the calculator. For example, B_CALL(_ClrLCDFull) would be EF4045.

B_CALL(_systemroutinename) Preferred method for on computer. The system routine name generally does what it says it does.

Allowed inputs

2 byte hex number This is the memory in the jump table. See {|.

Or you can put the name defined in the include file (ti83plus.inc). Whatever you prefer, and as long as you (or readers) can understand it.


Besides running the system routines, B_CALLs are also used in Application programming. See Applications.

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