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This directive specifies the format of the output binary. Mode can be one of the following:

Mode Description Extension
Raw Plain, unformatted binary. (Default) .bin
Intel Intel hex format. .hex
TI73 TI-73 binary .73p
TI73App TI-73 application .hex
TI82 TI-82 binary .82p
TI83 TI-83 binary .83p
TI8X TI-83+ binary .8xp
TI8XApp TI-83+ application .hex
TI85 TI-85 binary .85p
TI86 TI-86 binary .86p
SegaMS Sega Master System ROM .sms
SegaGG Sega Game Gear ROM .gg

The specified extension is only used if you do not explicitely declare an output filename.

Note that the TI8XApp and TI83App modes will also export a .8xk or .73k signed application as well, assuming you have Wappsign installed.


   .binarymode mode

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