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Create all of the un-started pages in the Starter_Kit.


Add pages for the new commands in OS 2.53MP Rewrite some of the command category pages:

Add screenshots to the some of the command pages:


Rewrite some of the techniques pages to fix spelling and grammar, and also to add important information that they are missing:

Here are the things to add to the graphics page:

  • Bitmap Sprites, Stat Sprites, Text Sprites, Greyscale, Caching
  • Layered graphics, Using pictures as buffers, Clearing parts of the screen

Here are the things to add to the movement page:

  • Vertical & horizontal scrolling (using lists, matrices, and strings)
  • Using the Pxl_Test( command (add the content from the Easy_Map_Making page, and then delete the page)

Create the un-started technique pages:


Consider adding Nspire programming content.