TI-BASIC:Rock Paper Scissors

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Rock Paper Scissors is a classic game that involves two players choosing among three different hand gestures, and seeing who has the best hand. Each of the hand gestures -- rock, paper, and scissors -- beats one of the other two hand gestures, so there is a good likelihood that somebody will win. (However, if both players choose the same gesture, it is a tie.) You can play this game indefinitely, but it does get monotonous after a while.

Here is a handy table that tells which hand gesture wins in each situation:

!! Rock !! Paper !! Scissors
Rock Tie Paper Rock
Paper Paper Tie Scissors
Scissors Rock Scissors Tie

The Code

:Input "ROUNDS:",I
:Disp "1) ROCK","2) PAPER","3) SCISSORS
:Repeat 2>abs(Ans-2
:Disp "YOU: "+sub("ROCK    PAPER   SCISSORS",8J-7,8
:Disp "CALC: "+sub("ROCK    PAPER   SCISSORS",8Ans-7,8
:Pause "WINNER IS "+sub("YOU CALCBOTH",1+4max(Ans={1,2,3} and J={3,1,2})+8(J=Ans),4

The Download

In case you want to try the program on your calculator, you can download the program in .8xp format.