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While we have tried to provide as much TI-Basic information here in this wiki as possible, there really is a whole TI community out there for helping you become a better, more capable programmer. With this thought in mind, the resources listed below provide some useful information of their own and they serve as a continuation after you are done with this site.


Besides reading the programming information that this wiki provides, there are several additional quality TI-Basic tutorials that other people have created that you might find handy.

Name Author
= Complete TI-Basic Optimization Guide = Arthur O'Dwyer
= 1337 Guide to TI-Basic = Jonathan Pezzino & Kerm Martian
= Making TI-Basic Shells = Patrick Stone
= 2D TI-Basic Sprites = Alex Snyder
= Advanced Thinking = Fred Sparks
= No-Lib Guide to Sprites and Maps = Thomas Dickerson
= TI-Basic Greyscale = Kevin Ouellet
= TI-Freakware Tutorials = Daniel Thorneycroft
= Complete TI-Basic Tutorial = Kerm Martian
= BASIC Guru Tutorials = Ben Ilegbodu
= MJS 2000 Tutorials = Unknown
= Rogue's TI-86 Basic Tutorial = Andrew Matta
= HeaneySoft BASIC Tutorial = Wayne Heaney
= TI-83 Programming Tutorials = Lue Her & Andy Becker
= TI-Basic for Noobs = Matt Lee


While the calculator itself is the predominant place to program TI-Basic, another viable option is programming on a computer. There are several computer tools available, which provide a very rich programming environment.

Name Author Description
= [*http://http://www.cemetech.net/sc/ SourceCoder 3] = Kerm Martian This is an online editor that parses TI-Basic code and presents it with the appropriate tokens. It can convert .8xp fies to source code, as well as let you edit and create programs online and export them as .8xp files. The latest revision adds image tools to parse and create .8xi images, png files, sprites, and more.
= [*http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/321/32127.html BasicBuilder] = Martin Warmer Programs with lots of subroutines get annoying rather quickly. BasicBuilder solves this issue by allowing you to compile all programs, subroutines, and pictures into a Flash Application. It also compresses your programs, saving some memory.
= CalcCapture = André Felix Miertschink Most commonly used in conjunction with Flash Debugger, CalcCapture allows you to take still or animated screenshots in gif format of any running Windows program.
= TI-Graph Link = Texas Instruments This program is used for programming TI-Basic on the computer. It has an easy-to-use interface, featuring all of the menus and functions of the calculator itself. In addition, it is used for transferring files back and forth between the computer and calculator.
= [*http://oase.uci.kun.nl/~mientki/data_www/pic/jalcc/help/jalcc_ti84_editor.html JALcc IDE] = Stef Mientki Editing TI-Basic has always been a rather slow, tedious process because of the screen limitations and the fact that distinguishing the code can be difficult. JALcc solves this problem by utilizing code-coloring commands, indenting nested commands, and allowing you to make large multi-line comments.
= Manual = Texas Instruments Even if you have a physical copy of the manual, an electronic copy is still needed. It is much more convenient to just open up the electronic manual, then to have to carry the physical manual around.
= [*http://ti.zewaren.net/ Online TI File Converter] = ZeWaren Can create and convert data from many calculators, such as the TI-82, TI-83, and TI-83+/84+.
= Rom8x = Andree Chea With the difficulty of getting ROM images from the newer calculators, this program allows you to bypass that problem. It is most useful for those with a USB cable.
= [*http://education.ti.com/educationportal/downloadcenter/SoftwareList.do?website=US&tabId=1&paneId=7 TI Connect] = Texas Instruments This program is the updated version of Graph Link. It primarily features faster speed because it works with the USB cable. However, it does have compatibility issues with the newer calculators.
= VTI Capture = André Felix Miertschink Works with VTI to get screenshots. It allows for both still and animated screenshots and has extra features like contrast adjustment, adding extra borders and some others.
= [*http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilp/index.html TiLP] = Romain Liévin A linking program for Linux and Windows. It works on Vista 64 bit, while TI-Connect does not.
= [*http://education.ti.com/en/us/products/computer_software/connectivity-software/ti-connect-ce-software/tabs/overview TI-Connect CE] = Texas Instruments A linking program for Windows and Mac. It includes an updated GUI and a simple code editor.

On-Calc Utilities

There are many programs that will assist your programming on-calc, such as in the creation of games or sprites.

Name Author Description
= ASCII Editor = Robin Peters This program allows programmers to simply create single and dual layer maps, as well as get tokens that are normally not available on the calculator and easily try different combo's of tokens. The programmer then can use the map for his/her RPG, sidescroller, puzzle or maze game, etc.
= Basic MapMaker = MDR Falcon This helps programmers create maps in basic, without the hassle of typing in a long string or matrix.
= Lunar IDE = Jonah Scheinerman This is an on-calc program editor, with many built-in tools to allow more ease when programming.
= Random Maze Generator = James Pruit This program generates random 9x9 mazes that can be used in your own programs.
= RPGSK2 = Daniel Thorneycroft This helps programmers learn how to use 4 way scrolling ASCII maps.
= Symbols = Daniel Thorneycroft & Kerm Martian This allows programmers to use any of the 131 symbols normally unavailable in Basic programs.
= Text Sprite Finder = Robert Moy This helps programmers create text sprites for use in their own programs.


An emulator allows you to run a virtual form of your calculator on your computer, which is very convenient when you want to make quick changes to programs, or do any debugging or optimizing.

Name Author TI-83 TI-83+ TI-83+SE TI-84+ TI-84+SE TI-84+CSE TI-84+CE
= Emu8x = Michael Vincent = X = = = = = =
= Flash Debugger = Texas Instruments = = X = X = = = =
= TilEm = Benjamin Moody & Solignac Julien = X = X = X = X = X = =
= PindurTI = Patai Gergely = X = X = = = = =
= VTI-Alpha = Corey Taylor & Rusty Wagner = = X = X = = = =
= VTI-Beta = Rusty Wagner = X = X = = = = =
= WabbitEmu (WIN) = Spencer Putt & James Montelongo = X = X = X = X = X = X =
= WabbitEmu (MAC) = Spencer Putt & James Montelongo = X = X = X = X = X = X =
= jsTIfied = Christopher Mitchell = X = X = X = X = X = X = O

Related Sites

There are many TI sites out there, providing their own set of services and features.

= [*http://www.ticalc.org Ticalc.org] = [*http://www.omnimaga.org Omnimaga] = [*http://www.cemetech.net Cemetech] = [*http://codewalr.us/ CodeWalrus] = [*http://www.tiplanet.org TI-Planet]
= [*http://www.calcg.org/ CalcGames] = [*http://tifreakware.net TI-Freakware] = [*http://www.revsoft.org/ RevSoft] = [*http://www.maxcoderz.org/ MaxCoderz] = [*http://tistory.wikidot.com TI-Story]