TI-BASIC:Number One Liners

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This page is dedicated to showcase small snippets of code may be useful. These small routines are designed to accomplish tasks involving numbers and their attributes. Unless specified, output is in Ans.


The int( command always rounds towards -∞, and iPart( rounds towards 0. Here are the other two directions:

-int(-X                   //rounds towards +∞
iPart(X+not(not(fPart(X   //rounds away from 0

Number Concatenation – DarkerLine

Returns the number formed by concatenating positive integers M and N.


Number of Digits in Nonzero Integer

If X is always positive, remove the "abs(".


Number of Digits in Decimal Number – Weregoose, lirtosiast

not(X)+sum(0 or fPart(abs(X10^(cumSum(binomcdf(13,0))-2-int(log(abs(X+not(X

Sum of Digits of Integer – DarkerLine, lirtosiast

If X is always nonnegative, remove the "abs(".


Sum of Digits of Decimal Number – DarkerLine, lirtosiast

If X is always nonnegative, remove both "abs(". If nonzero, remove the "+not(X".