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= Related Commands =
= Related Commands =
* [[TI-BASIC:Matr►list(|Matr►list(]][[Category:TI-BASIC]]
* [[TI-BASIC:Matr_List|Matr►list(]][[Category:TI-BASIC]]

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Command Summary

Builds a matrix from one or more lists.

Command Syntax

List►matr(list1, [list2, ...], matrix

Menu Location


  1. MATRX (on the 83) or 2nd MATRX (83+ or higher) to access the matrix menu
  2. LEFT to access the MATH submenu
  3. 9 to select List►matr(, or use arrows.

Alternatively, press:

  1. 2nd LIST to access the list menu
  2. LEFT to access the OPS submenu
  3. 0 to select List►matr(, or use arrows

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

2 bytes

The List►matr( builds a matrix by combining several list expressions, and stores it to the specified variable ([A] through [J]). Each list specifies a column of the matrix: the first list will be stored down the first (leftmost) column, the second list down the second column, and so on. For example:

		[[1 10 100]
		 [2 20 200]
		 [3 30 300]]

Advanced Uses

The calculator can actually handle lists that are not the same size. It will pad zeroes to the shorter lists, until they have the same length as the longest list.

		[[1 10 100]
		 [2  0 200]
		 [3  0   0]]

Error Conditions

  • ERR:ARGUMENT is thrown if there are more than 99 lists (since a matrix can be at most 99x99)
  • ERR:INVALID DIM is thrown if one of the lists is longer than 99 elements (since a matrix can be at most 99x99)

Related Commands