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Welcome to Cemetech's (Adapted) TI-Basic Developer, the TI-BASIC information repository! This repository started with permission from TI-BASIC Developer, an excellent repository of TI-BASIC information, and is being continually updated and improved to bring you even more information. This site does not include TI-BASIC Developer's forum, file archives, TI-89 documentation, and TI-Nspire BASIC documentation; we strongly encourage you to visit TI-BASIC Developer for these resource. If you are a first-time visitor, please check out the Welcome_Pack to get you up to speed on using the site. We encourage you to become a member by clicking the Register link on this page, to get involved in the community, and to come back often to see what changes have occurred. And above all else, enjoy your stay!

New to TI-Basic?

These pages provide an overview of TI-Basic, and are designed to help you quickly get started learning and using TI-Basic.