TI-BASIC:File Extensions

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These are all of the different file extensions that you can run across when accessing or transferring files. They are split up into the TI-83 category and the TI-83+ category. You will probably notice that the main difference is that the 83* for the TI-83 was replaced with the 8X* for the TI-83+. The TI-83+ also has Flash ROM, so there are file extensions for that.

TI-83 TI-83+

83B -- Backup 83C -- Complex Number 83D -- Debugger File 83G -- Group 83I -- Image 83L -- List 83M -- Matrix 83N -- Real Number 83P -- Calculator Program 83S -- String 83T -- Text 83W -- Window Setup 83Y -- Y-Variable 83Z -- Zoom

8XB -- Backup 8XC -- Complex 8XD -- GDB 8XE -- Calculator Program 8XG -- Group 8XI -- Image 8XK -- Flash Application 8XL -- List 8XM -- Matrix 8XN -- Real 8XP -- Calculator Program 8XQ -- Certificate 8XS -- String 8XT -- Text 8XU -- OS 8XV -- Application Variable 8XW -- Window Setup 8XY -- Y-Vaiable 8XZ -- Zoom