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> Note: This page was originally created by AtionSong on the TI-Basic wiki, and has been added here because TI-Basic wiki is in the process of being merged with this wiki. In addition to this page, only those pages which weren't already duplicated on this wiki were added.

Fighting RPG's are games in which the plot is advanced by fighting. Fighting RPG's require fairly intermediate programming to create, especially if you use a real-time fighting system as opposed to a turn based (explained below). Before you create a Fighting RPG, make sure you are confident with all the commands listed below

For amateur programmers, the Menu( command is often used, although this leads to degrading quality of the overall gameplay, from the perspective of the average gamer. Custom menus are much more efficient generally, although they tend to run slowly. The reason being that the Menu( command has several flaws that can make programming more difficult (although it may seem simple at first) and make the gameplay slower because the user is not used to the layout.


Needed Commands: RandInt(, , Output(, If/Then/Else, Logic Commands

For Turn Based: Menu( For Real Time Based: GetKey, Line(, While