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Command Summary

Raises the input to the third power.

Command Syntax


Menu Location

While editing a program, press:

  1. MATH to enter the MATH menu
  2. 3 or use the arrow keys to select.

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

1 byte

The ³ command raises an input to the third power. It has exactly the same function as "^3", but is one byte smaller. If used on a list, it will return a list with all of the elements cubed. If used on a matrix, it will return the third matrix power of the input matrix.

		{1 ‾8 27}
		[[20  ‾7]
		 [‾21  6]]

Advanced Uses

One trick with ³ is to use it to save space (at the cost of speed) when using hard-coded values. For instance, use 5³ instead of 125 to save one byte.


Use this command instead of ^3 in all instances.

can be

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